500WONDERS™️ is building the world’s 360°VR community travel ecosystem. We are hosting and delivering beautiful, immersive content for tomorrow’s creators, explorers, and promoters to deliver 500WONDERS™️ as the definitive platform for 360°VR tourism and virtual travel exploration.


500WONDERS™️ is building the most extensive, detailed and immersive view of our world through 360°VR video.

For our Creators, 500WONDERS™️ lets 360°VR content creators create and share their view of the world, forging a worldwide network of places, stories, and experiences in immersive content.

For our travelling Explorers who are looking for content, 500WONDERS™️ is the future of immersive or virtual tourism. Whether explorers are planning a trip, or already at their destination, 500WONDERS™️ curated selection of 360°VR content lets individuals fully surround themselves in these experiences, plan their next adventure, find their next destination, and get lost in far-flung virtual corners of the earth.

For tourism bodies and Promoters, 500WONDERS™️ is helping our partner companies lead the world in tourism promotion. 500WONDERS™️ provides immersive brand experiences in 360°VR video, showcasing Promoters to our global audience of Explorers.


The world around us has never been easier to reach, to experience, to explore. Discover the rich features we’re building to open up your travel exploration through virtual reality.

500WONDERS™️ is for Explorers.

Explorers can venture through our social map of community created tourism 360° content and discover a new world of stories, destinations, and cultures. Search for a specific country using the 500WONDERS™️  map, or dive into the unknown with our destination randomizer, transporting our Explorers to their next unknown adventure.

500WONDERS™️ is available through web browser, desktop, and mobile apps. As well as these dedicated platforms, our API enables easy embedding of 500WONDERS™️ content onto third party websites. Found a place on the 500WONDERS™️ map that doesn’t have content yet? Add a marker to the site to let our worldwide network of content creators know, and adds this marker to the assignment feed, incentivising the creation of 360° video for that marked area. The best of this marked content will be showcased by 500WONDERS™️ and our partner brands, plus will be in the draw for sponsored competitions.

Already at a destination? Our AR capable app lets you decide on your next adventure by scanning your surroundings with your phone camera to view overlaid destination markers around your environment, such as markets, shopping districts, and attractions. Tapping on these markers teleports you to that location through 360° video, allowing you to immersive yourself before stepping out of your door. By using this AR system, 500WONDERS™️ enables a new kind of travel, letting explorers search while they tour their destination itself – made even easier with the built-in AR GPS navigation system.

500WONDERS™️ is for Creators.

500WONDERS™️ is for anyone with a quality 360°VR camera and a special place to share, effectively democratising 360°VR video content. By truly supporting immersive video with both audio and video, we are able to offer the best purpose-built and immersive platform for 360°VR travel content available on earth.

After Creators have shot their masterpiece of 360° tourism content (whether this is a place, event, or story), it is uploaded to 500WONDERS™️, edited within our VR WebGL Edit suite, and tagged with location and content categories. 500WONDERS™️ will then review the content and add it the 500WONDERS™️ world map, giving these Creators and their content worldwide exposure as the global view of that 500WONDERS™️ location.

500WONDERS™️ wants to reward content creators and incentivise high quality content creation. By becoming a Creator, you unlock special features in 500WONDERS™️, get your work seen by the largest community of 360° travellers, creators, and promoters, as well as move up our global leaderboard, and earn in-app rewards and promoter rewards.

For our Creators, 500WONDERS™️ will be running physical promotions and partnerships, which incorporate our own 500WONDERS™️ headsets, 360 cameras, and other hardware and prizes.

500WONDERS™️ is for Promoters.

500WONDERS™️ is for businesses, travel organisations, and tourism leaders. As well as establishing a curated library of beautiful community-created experiences, our team of storytellers at 500WONDERS™️ is available to run specific 360° campaigns for businesses. We are building a global network of Creators to help you produce professional content to promote your location.

Promoters are able to upload their own content, promoting their service or business, by registering with paid Promoter accounts on 500WONDERS™️. This service enables sponsored content and utilisation of 500WONDERS™️ 360° video advertising, providing Explorers with options to interact with Promoters’ services through 500WONDERS™️. This provides e-commerce transactions and links to purchase Promoter products or services.


500WONDERS™️ is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city. Through our development company, Blackeye, we’re hiring for these roles now.

In 2018, 500WONDERS™️  will open regional development offices in New Taipei City, Taiwan and Los Angeles, California, USA. Please email us to jobs@500wonders.com if you would like to be considered for roles in these locations.



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